A new model of empathy: the rat - The Washington Post

“There is a common misconception that sharing and helping is a cultural occurrence. But this is not a cultural event. It is part of our biological inheritance,” she added.

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The Cerebellum's Surprisingly Evolved Role in Autism

"Just as fine coordinated movements of the limbs depend on integrating sensory and motor systems, the cerebellum regulates other circuits that mediate complex behavioral sequences. It serves to adapt cognitive, learning and emotion systems to current circumstances — for example, by comparing sensory information about ongoing actions with expected outcomes.

Cerebellar dysfunction would therefore affect executive function, cognition, learning and memory, attention, visuospatial function, language and emotional states.”

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Disneyland and Walt Disney World now have guidebooks for guests with cognitive disabilities (such as autism). They include the above charts of what to expect at each attraction (strong smells, loud noises, restraint types used, duration, and more), lists of quiet areas for when you need down time, and answers to frequently asked questions, among other tips.

They are available to download in PDF format: Disneyland | Walt Disney World

If you don’t want to download a PDF (or prefer to click the download link on Disney’s site directly), here are their pages for Services for Guests with Cognitive Disabilities: Disneyland | Walt Disney World

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The Overprotected Kid - The Atlantic

On the importance of the exploration and mastery of fear and risk in development.

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